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The extremely popular K04 turbo upgrade kit from HPA Motorsport is now on sale EXCLUSIVELY at UroTuning! If you've been itching to take your Volkswagen or Audi up a notch with a better, more powerful, more reliable turbo, look no further than the K04 turbo kit from HPA! This turbo is a tried and true upgrade and is on sale only at UroTuning!

To unleash the true potential of your 2.0T, the K04 turbo that is equipped on the Golf R / S3 is a much more robust choice than the factory equipped IHI (KO3) turbo, which runs out of breath mid-way in the RPM range. The HPA K04 Hybrid upgrade offers a higher operational boost range, while still working with the stock componentry; making for a natural and cost-effective upgrade. This K04 Hybrid conversion allows for a seamless integration, without the need for custom fabrications or aftermarket diverter valves.

HPA has now developed their own high performance K04 Hybrid Turbo conversion that allows the factory K03 diverter valve to be installed in the OEM location, without a CNC port adapter. Our K04 Hybrid turbo assembly is one of the most advanced units available in North America, featuring many benefits over the competition.


  • Gain up to 355HP / 347TQ
  • Direct Replacement (in most cases)
  • Compact Design Allows for Faster Boost Response and Turbo Longevity
  • Turbo Muffler Delete for Smoother Exhaust Gas Flow
  • Simplified Design for Ease of Install
  • Diverter Valve in OEM Position
  • Block-off plate for PCV system (TSI)
  • Knife-edged, billet compressor wheel
  • Quicker Compressor Spool
  • Higher Output Across the Full RPM Range


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