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Is the beloved BMW M5 going EV?

If you’ve had your ear to the ground recently in the car world, specifically in the land of BMW, you may have heard murmurs of the new M5 going electric. Luckily for the majority of enthusiasts who oppose the idea, it doesn’t look like the long awaited G90 M5 will be a full EV just yet. The new generation M5 is set to utilize the same hybrid twin turbo V8 found in the polarizing new XM high caliber SUV. And while the looks of the new BMW XM have been divisive to say the least — it will definitely be interesting to see such a new hybrid power plant loaded into a smaller sedan. On top of that, unlike the new M2, M3 and M4, the most recent M5 kept its more reserved and subdued styling. Here’s to hoping we get an M car that doesn’t go quite so off the rails aesthetically as so many recent BMW models have. We’re all for moving the ball forward design-wise, but sometimes it’s nice to keep thing a bit more… familiar.

Of all of the long beloved M cars, the M5 has held an heir of luxury not so much associated with its slightly smaller counterparts. Some might argue that the M5 is the perfect combination of both luxury and performance, encapsulating what ‘the ultimate driving machine’ can be. That being said, the newest generation 5 series is set to stray from the path in a different department, with every version set to be at least a little bit electrified, with the i5 model going fully electric for those who never want to step foot at a gas station again. 

Taking the powertrain from the XM, the M5 is set to pack around 644 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. The current M5 tops out at around 627 horsepower, so if BMW decided to additionally option out the G90 M5 with the Red Label XM engine, numbers of up to 738 horsepower could in theory be reached. How’s that sound for a daily driver to get the kids to soccer practice on time? While the newest iteration of the M5 will likely be a decent chunk heavier than the current generation, the tick up in power and torque will likely be enough to still offer gains in acceleration time and overall speed. It’s not unlikely for things like rear wheel steering and around 30 miles of electric only range to be offered as well. 

Obviously, the new M5 is set to have an expected 6 figure price range, likely in the $120,000 - $140,000 range depending on options. What do you think? While starting to see some hybridization of our beloved performance models is a bit scary, at the end of the day if the exhaust sounds nice, and the cars are getting faster and more efficient… perhaps we could be convinced.


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