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Without these performance upgrades, your CTS Turbo won't reach its full potential.

Installing a new turbo is an important first step, but you're still missing some of the most important pieces. There are some simple, affordable modifications that can help unlock the true power of an aftermarket turbocharger. 

Read on to find out what aftermarket tuning you need to do to make your car perform like you've always dreamed.

Software Tuning Optimizes Your CTS Turbo

A software tune is one of the easiest ways to get more performance out of your new turbo. Most of the time, cars come from the factory with their engines programmed to maximize things like fuel efficiency. A simple software tune can help you get a big jump in performance without installing a single physical part.

Software tunes replace the original software on your car with software that helps your car deliver maximum power and speed. This is possible through tweaks to engine settings such as ignition timing, fuel/air ratio, boost settings, and removing governors.

Making sure boost pressure is in the right range can be really important with your new turbocharger. The factory engine settings might not be right for the more powerful turbo you've installed. With a software tune, you can be sure your engine is set up perfectly for the new turbo.

GIAC, Unitronic, AWE Tuning, and Integrated Engineering are a few examples of the many brands to offer software tunes for a variety of makes and models.

Aftermarket Intercoolers Increase Efficiency

An intercooler is one of the most important tuning upgrades after a turbocharger.

All turbochargers will heat up air heading into the engine, but an aftermarket turbo has the potential to have a serious impact on engine temperature.

Tuning software will help keep the new CTS turbo from pushing the engine too hard, but an intercooler can help with this a lot too. An intercooler helps solve this problem by cooling down the air as it passes from the turbo to the engine.

An intercooler consists of small fins that take heat out of the air passing through it. The more fins, the better the intercooler will work. When shopping, look for larger intercoolers with higher airflow.

Boost Gauges Help Monitor Performance

What is the purpose of all the new boost from your new CTS Turbo if you can't see it? Boost pressure is important for telling whether your software tune is doing its job as well. You can keep an eye on your boost level with an aftermarket boost gauge.  

Watching your boost pressure can also help ensure the tuning you've done isn't pushing the engine too hard. Compared to the cost of a new engine or turbocharger, a boost gauge is extremely cheap.

Installing a boost gauge is easy to do yourself, so there's really no reason not to add one to your new setup.

Take Your Car to the Next Level!

Software tuning, adding an intercooler, and installing a boost gauge are just a few of the ways to get more out of your new CTS Turbo. UroTuning has everything you need to get the most out of your ride. Give us a call, email us, or explore our website to find out what kind of performance you can add to your car.


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