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Importing cars from other countries has usually been something of JDM Fantasy with GTR's, Supras and other Japanese legends. The European market is also no stranger to importation with some very unique models that were never offered to the United States. Most recently, many Mid-90's cars have become eligible from import based off the 25-Year-Rule which allows a vehicle to be legally imported into the United States as they are considered exempt from vehicle safety and emissions standards of the United States. This brings us to Andres Lazzizzera and his imported 1995 Golf Estate TDI.

Andres is the Marketing Specialist here at UroTuning and longtime Volkswagen fan. Andres was featured in the blog a few years back with his MK7 Volkswagen GLI. Today, he has acquired a 1995 Golf Estate TDI from the United Kingdom. For a little backstory on the model itself, the United States was never offered the Golf platform in a 'wagon' form. Only a hatch with two or four doors. Most notably the Golf GTI and the famed Golf Harelquin.  

The MK3 Estate was imported from Open Air Imports and made the long trek across the Atlantic Ocean from Southampton, UK to Jacksonville, FL. The total trip was about a month from port to port and was inspected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency before being trucked down to Andres.


The MK3 Estate was well kept with no modifications which is an excellent base to start with for any vehicle project as you are not hunting for any previous owner gremlins! The Estate is powered by a 1.9L Turbo Diesel Engine producing a neck-breaking 89 Horsepower paired with a 5-Speed transmission. This example is a front-wheel-drive setup. The Estate was also offered in a VR6, 1.8L, 1.9 Non-Turbo and Syncro options. Since the vehicle came from the UK, it is right hand drive and also a factory Non-Air Conditioned model.


The plan for the car is going to be installing ST Coilover Suspension, Powerflex Bushings to tighten it up, new wheels and tires, finished off with some OEM+ items like period correct ABT Shift knob, ABT Steering wheel, Hella trim moldings and so much more.

The concept behind the project is to make a time period correct modified MK3 Estate according to Andres. The vehicle does need some body work, engine work and other miscellaneous sub-projects but overall, the vehicle will maintain a showroom ready build with tasteful modifications that are correct to the mid 1990's.

Follow the journey of the MK3 Estate with Andres on the UroTuning Blog, YouTube and on Instagram via @urotuning and @marchhare_mk3 for updates. Andres and his Estate will be posted up at FixxFest this year so you can get a closer look at the project!


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