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The Golf has always been noted as a commuter based hatch with two siblings in a more aggressive form as the GTI and R models. In recent years, the North American market has seen the decline of purchases of the more subtle versions on the Golf and more eyes glued to the hot-hatch siblings of this German commuter car. Volkswagen's answer to this shift in market trend? Strike the base Golf from the market line-up and offer the GTI and Golf R in 4 door options!  


Once the MK8 Volkswagen Golf GTI and R models were revealed for the US Market, the waiting game began. COVID-19, Supply Shortages, Logisitical nightmares are all just a few of the delays that would leave Volkswagen enthusiasts at the edge of their seats for a timeframe of almost 2 years. Then, the skies began to clear and the ships were hitting the shores with the rumble of Volkswagen Engineering in the darkness of the ships storage decks. The GTI is here (and the Golf R right behind it).

As soon as the cars rolled off the trucks, people were jumping on them like a Black Friday Deal! GTI's were popping up in every corner of the US. To be the latest and greatest, you had to jump the gun. But what if you didn't? We waited for the GTI Invasion to settle down a little bit and kept our seat warm waiting for a more sinister creature. Then a few weeks later, the official UroTuning MK8 Golf R came rolling off the back of a truck! One of the very first MK8 Golf R's to hit US Soil and picked up at Bob Boast Volkswagen in Bradenton, FL.  

The Official UroTuning Project MK8 Golf R was tastefully selected in Black Magic Pearl along with the optional DSG transmission. Yes, we opted for the Chicken Nugget! Parts are already in-store or on the way over from many of our partners and vendors to get this Golf R apart from the flood that is coming in of all the other! The purpose of the MK8 Project is to model many different modifications and styles for enthusiast around the world, and to serve as an educational piece with certain cosmetic appeal. Also, let's face the facts- It's sick.


Checkout our plan for what we have for the first phase of the MK8 Golf R project and make sure to follow our social media accounts @urotuning and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


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