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The base price for a brand-new 2021 Mini Cooper ranges from about $20,000 to nearly $50,000. However, Mini Coopers don't depreciate as quickly or as steadily as other types of vehicles, and owners may be able to sell used options at a higher price.

As such, buyers interested in owning one of these distinct cars should perform regular preventative maintenance to keep their vehicle in excellent condition. A preventative maintenance plan is essential to success.

Let's explore some of the most common issues Mini Cooper drivers experience and how to avoid those problems best. 

Poor Repairs and Diagnostics

One of Mini Cooper owners' biggest mistakes is taking their vehicle to the nearest auto body shop for maintenance and repairs. Mini Coopers aren't cheap to fix, and many mechanics are unfamiliar with the European design and setup. 

If you don't have a small cache of MINI parts hanging around your garage or home, you could end spending quite a lot to replace broken parts. Fortunately, there are online retailers that specialize in providing OEM and aftermarket MINI components at a reasonable price.

Should you opt to bring your car into a registered Mini Cooper dealership, you may find that they catch something or fix something your standard mechanic missed. In addition, a dealership may also be a safer and smarter option for the trickier repairs.

Naturally, it would of course help if you didn't leave all of your car's maintenance tasks to a mechanic. Many tasks are easy enough to do at home by yourself, and some may only cost a few dollars to complete.

By performing your own Mini Cooper maintenance, you could save money and enjoy a better, safer drive!

Zero Maintenance Performed by Owner

When a Mini Cooper owner has performed absolutely no maintenance, things can begin to go badly fast. Fortunately, there are dozens of maintenance tasks that are easy to do without professional assistance.

Some of the most common DIY maintenance tasks include things like:

  • Changing your windshield wipers
  • Replacing your engine filter
  • Washing the windows and windshield
  • Performing a deep clean into tight crevices
  • Inflating low-pressure tires
  • Vacuuming internal carpets and ceiling fabric

While many of these activities may fall under 'cleaning' in your mind, they're all valid ways to keep your Mini Cooper looking and driving better than ever before. Of course, more complicated issues necessitate more professional repairs.

For example, the average Mini Cooper could experience issues with its transmission, timing chain, radiator, and water pump. Unless the owner is a mechanic or professional with an excellent grasp of the Mini's internal mechanisms, outside help will be required.

Still, regular preventative maintenance (coupled with timely dealership visits) could help you make the most of your Mini Cooper experience.

Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial

A Mini Cooper repair can easily cost several thousand dollars, and that initial cost may skyrocket if owners don't invest in regular preventative maintenance. Still, not all mechanics and auto body shops will be able to perform top-notch services.

To avoid many of the Mini Cooper's common issues, you'll want to perform as many car maintenance repairs at home as you can. For the more difficult repairs, you'll want to bring your vehicle into a registered Mini Cooper dealership for maintenance and repairs.

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