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Since 1948, Porsche has been known for its quality and performance.

If you want to make your Porsche even more impressive, there are some basic mods that you can make.

Here are three Porsche performance parts that will improve your car’s handling.

1. Springs

The suspension system is one of the most important components in a Porsche, as it helps absorb energy from the tires to allow the body and frame of the car to remain stable.

For better handling, consider upgrading your suspension system with a set of aftermarket springs and shocks. This will help improve the ability of the car to handle bumps, curbs, and other road irregularities.

The best kits come with instructions for installation, as well as all of their necessary parts to complete both front and rear suspensions at once (if desired). The average cost for this type of modification ranges between $200 and $9,000, depending on the model year.

2. Roll Bar

A roll bar helps keep the weight of your car balanced. This makes it easier for you to make turns, especially when going fast. They have a simple setup and you can take them down in a few minutes if you decide your taste has changed.

If you have a Porsche 911, for example, installing a roll bar will be as simple as taking off two bolts on each side of the rear seats to access the mounting points underneath them. Then all that needs to be done is to align both ends of the bars into place before tightening everything down.

It’s one of those easy mods that you can complete in a day or less.

3. Exhaust System

The exhaust system connects to the engine, removing waste gases and providing a means of reducing back pressure. When it goes bad, it can be more harmful than most people realize. There’s a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the exhaust system is clogged and the gas isn’t able to escape properly.

If you hear loud noises coming from your muffler or notice a foul odor, it’s probably time for an upgrade.

If you want your Porsche to get better gas mileage, a custom exhaust system is the way to go. It improves airflow and boosts engine performance, which results in better fuel efficiency.

Upgrade Your Porsche With These Must-Have Porsche Performance Parts

So these are the three best Porsche performance parts to improve your car’s handling. You’ll be surprised at how much better your car drives with these simple mods.

If you want to get the most out of your Porsche, though, it might be best to let a professional install them for you.

You can get these parts from us. Browse our online catalog and find everything you need for better performance. We love your German car as much as you do, so we offer the best parts in the industry!


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