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If you have an Audi, you know your car can do a lot.

If it's feeling mediocre lately, it may need some upgrades to the standard parts.

You can actually get more horsepower and torque from your car with a few basic changes. Here are some easy tips and tricks to tune your Audi and give it the extra help you are looking for.

Throttle Body

You need air to help your engine fire as it should. While the fuel injection system helps with regulating the flow of air, so does the throttle body. There are a couple of tuning upgrades you can do to your throttle body to increase the horsepower it produces.

The first is swapping the existing throttle body for a larger one. If it has bigger flaps, it increases the airflow. This allows you to accelerate faster with more horsepower.

The second is adding a spacer, which gives you more torque. It allows more air to enter, and it gives you better fuel economy, too.

Upgrade the Brakes

Any car that drives fast also has to be able to stop fast. If you're loving your new horsepower but you're a little nervous every time you push on the brakes, try changing out the braking system for Audi performance parts. 

Upgrade to stainless steel brake lines and stiffer brake pads to give you a more instantaneous stop. You'll also decrease your stopping distance if you change out the calipers and rotors.

New Cold-Air Intake for More Horsepower

One of the best ways to increase your torque and horsepower is to upgrade to a cold-air intake. The denser the air is that your engine mixes with gas, the more power it produces. Colder air is denser than hot air. Therefore, if you use cold air, you'll get a more powerful result.

It reduces airflow in the engine by using the outside air and reducing resistance. It also makes your engine louder (usually). Depending on your philosophy about your car, this is either a pro or a con to the upgrade.

Better Suspension

Your engine will do a better job for you, but can your suspension handle it? Even if you've kept up with regular maintenance, check out the suspension on your Audi before you make upgrades. Make sure that you inspect the steering links and other elements of the suspension so you have confidence it will do okay when you push it harder.

Use the best performance Audi parts to replace the bushings with stiffer rubber or poly ones. You'll have less roll when cornering without the original soft bushings.

Feels Like A New Ride

While each particular Audi model has its own individual upgrades that will give you the horsepower you want, the ones above will get you started. These are basic ways to fine-tune your engine for more torque and better performance.

For more information about tuning your ride, check out our other blog posts.


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