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Mercedes-Benz sold over 2 million cars in 2019. And with that high of a number, some car owners are bound to want some upgrades.

Luckily, you can find plenty of Mercedes-Benz performance parts to increase horsepower and other things. Keep reading to learn what parts you need for your vehicle.


One of the first Mercedes-Benz performance parts you should get is a supercharger. It can push more air into the car's cylinders, and that will use fuel more quickly.

A supercharger takes extra power from the crankshaft, and it can increase the horsepower. This helps improve the power and performance without any additional cylinders themselves.

If you need to accelerate quickly and from a low speed, a supercharger is essential. You'll be able to reach highway speeds before you leave the onramp, and you can pass cars more easily.

Turbocharger Kit

A turbocharger is similar to a supercharger, but there are some differences. For one, a turbocharger gets its extra power from exhaust gases.

The extra exhaust gas makes the turbine fan blow faster, and that spins the compressor. As that happens, the compressor can take in more air and add even more power.

This system won't overwork your engine if you use a turbocharger kit. You can install the kit along with other Mercedes-Benz parts to increase your current power.

Performance Chips

Performance chips can alter how your engine flows. When that happens, your car will use a different fuel ratio, and that can increase vehicle performance.

You can get Mercedes-Benz performance parts, and you can install them yourself. However, a Mercedes dealer will have a professional who can install the performance chips for you.

That way, they can install them to give you the most power and best performance possible.

Performance Exhaust System

A performance exhaust system can also be a good investment. The system replaces the catalytic converter, the muffler and the manifold.

Once you install the new system, it will boost your engine power, and it can reduce emissions and pollution. You can get about five percent more power than if you used a standard system, but that can make a big difference.

You'll also reduce your emissions by about 15 percent, according to one study.

Air Intakes

More Mercedes parts to consider include air intakes. You can swap out the air filter for one that can bring in more air at the same time.

When that happens, your engine can use more air in less time, and it can improve your fuel economy. And if you want to make others jealous of your ride, you can take advantage of the big sound that comes from your engine.

More air intake can also help you get more horsepower, so you can look and feel good on the road.

The Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts You Need

If you want to add more power and thrill to your ride, you need some Mercedes-Benz performance parts. The right parts can improve your fuel economy while increasing horsepower.

Plus, you can turn heads as you pass others on the road. You can't get much better than that.

Do you need some Mercedes parts? Check out our selection to find what you need.


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