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Performance parts like tunes, air intakes, suspension, and exhausts are all good and fun, but what if you want to change the way your MK7 Golf, GTI, or Golf R looks? At UroTuning we pride ourselves on having a huge range of parts to help you make your dream car a reality, including tons of aftermarket aero and body modification parts like front lips, splitters, wings, sideskirts, canards, rear diffusers and much more. Getting where you're going fast is only half the battle! After all, don't you wan't to look good while you're doing it? Keep reading to explore some of our favorite aero solutions for the Volkswagen MK7!

Front Lips & Splitters

A front lip, also commonly referred to as a splitter, is one of the most popular ways to give the front end of your car a more aggressive, sporty, or track-oriented look. On top of making your car look better, front lips and splitters actually do offer some performance benefits! Front Lips and splitters, depending on their shape and intended function, are meant to literally "split" the air impacting the front end of the vehicle - forcing high pressure air up and over the car and low pressure air beneath the vehicle. This process results in higher downforce and better aerodynamics, not to mention it looks awesome.

Maxton Design has a few great options if you're looking for a front splitter that looks great and can stand up to anything you can throw at it! 3D laser cut to provide a perfect fitment every time, Maxton splitters are vehicle specific and made from high endurance ABS plastic, known for its scratch and shock resistant properties.

Strafe Design front lips and splitters are perfect for giving your car an aggressive look while improving overall aerodynamics of your vehicle. Strafe splitters are made right here in the USA out of high grade lightweight aluminum composite and powder-coated for longevity and aesthetics. These splitters are road tested at speed of up to 125 MPH to ensure a solid fit.

Aerofabb front splitters are vehicle specific and feature new aerobrace reinforcement for optimal strength and performance. The purpose of this brace is to evenly distribute load and boost rigidity when generating higher levels of negative lift or even when driving during harsh weather conditions. Not to mention they look fantastic! These are tested up to 140MPH!

Side Splitters & Skirts

Side splitters and side skirts carry the lines from your front splitter and tie your vehicle together with a sporty, aggressive, and aerodynamic look. Side splitters also help your vehicle appear lower and wider, taking your aesthetics up a few points. Scroll down to explore some of our favorite side splitter and sideskirt options for the Volkswagen MK7 GTI!

Ventus Autoworks MK7 side splitters are crafted from high quality aluminum composite and are professionally CNC machined for a perfect fit right out of the box. These side splitters are not pre-drilled however, so be prepared to create your own mounting holes. These are also available in a flared and non-flared design, meaning you can further customize the look of your vehicles aero! Click below to shop parts from Ventus!

Flow Designs Splitters are a great addition to your MK7! These are some of the strongest, lightest splitters available on the market and are guaranteed for easy install and perfect fitment. Crafted from 10mm thick polyethylene composite with bevelled edges, these splitters look great and perform even better!

Rear Diffusers

Rear diffusers are some of the most popular aero upgrades for enthusiasts looking to give their vehicle a more race-inspired or track-oriented look. Rear diffusers, simply put, improve airflow beneath the vehicle by allowing high pressure air to expand rapidly, creating a vacuum that sucks air out from underneath the car. Additionally, with high pressure air above the car and low pressure air beneath the car, downforce is created while simultaneously reducing drag! On top of the performance aspects of a rear diffuser, quite frankly they look amazing, and are a great way to give your MK7's body lines a finished and coherent look.

Maxton Design ensure perfect fitment of their rear diffuser by 3D laser scanning every make and model that they design parts for.

Maxton diffusers are made of ABS plastic that is also primarily used in OEM parts throughout the automotive industry due to its impact, scratch resistance and shock absorbance characteristics. Maxton diffusers are also available in multiple finishes including 10mm matte black and 10mm matte black with red core. The perfect choice if you want a corrosion resistant diffuser with no metal parts!

Strafe designs creates robust rear diffusers that are CNC machined from lightweight aluminum. Available in matte or gloss black and an array of fin shapes to fit anyone's personal style, the Strafe Design MK7 rear diffuser mounts to OEM chassis locations and requires no drilling to install, plus all necessary mounting hardware is included. This diffuser is road tested up to 140MPH and fits all exhausts!

Another metal rear diffuser option, the Ventus Autoworks rear diffuser is precision CNC machined from lightweight aluminum composite, offering a durable and lightweight product that looks as great as it performs. Including rear corner spats for an extra performance touch, this rear diffuser comes with all necessary installation hardware and includes pre-drilled holes for easy installation!

This diffuser requires assembly, but is very straight forward and instructions are included.

If the previous rear diffuser options are a little too much for you, iSweep offers some great OEM+ style rear diffuser options. These diffusers replace the OEM rear plastic piece and offers a visual upgrade without being over the top. Unlike the other options, this diffuser is crafted from Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and comes in a white gel coat, ready for any paint color you desire!


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