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We now have Unitronic’s Forged Carbon Fiber Intake Systems for 1.8/2.0TSI MQB and 2.0TSI MQB EVO4 vehicles in-stock and ready to go! These new intake systems perform just as good as they look while adding a unique finish and stunning overall improvement to the aesthetics of your engine bay. Available now for numerous MQB and MQB EVO4 vehicles including the MK7/MK7.5 GTI/R, 8V A3, S3, 8S TT, TTS, MK8 GTI/R, 8Y S3, and more!

Top View
Carbon Close Up
Intake Housing


Crafted from the finest prepreg forged carbon fiber material, each component boasts unparalleled strength and a distinctive marbled finish. Utilizing advanced autoclave construction with proprietary molds and built-in UV and heat resistant protection, these Forged Carbon Fiber Intake Systems are engineered to perfection while ensuring uncompromised quality and attention to detail are maintained.

Forged Carbon Fiber Intake


Comprised of an airbox, airduct and silicone intake hose with unique couplers, these complete intake systems feature smooth airflow transitions which are meticulously engineered to optimize engine efficiency while unleashing the full potential of your vehicle. Through rigorous testing and refinement, these upgraded intake systems also help deliver proven airflow gains, more performance and improved throttle response.

Front Intake View


Designed with simple installation in mind, direct bolt-on fitment is maintained while seamlessly integrating with OEM mounting locations via EPDM grommets for optimal stability and vibration damping. The included high-quality stainless steel hose clamps and unique couplers provide secure connections for each individual component while offering maximum durability for many years to come.

Intake Piping
Intake Piping
Forged Carbon


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